The Change

A unique course for women transitioning towards, through and beyond the menopause…

Natural strategies to nourish you and help you soar through the rest of your life with
joy and vitality.

The Change 12-week program
next intake 2.2.22

Menopause… What is going on with me?

Menopause is usually portrayed as a medical event – the end of your periods – and associated with myriad unpleasant symptoms, such as:

emotional turbulence 

mood swings and irritability

feelings of anxiousness

feelings of sadness and depression

decreasing energy

disrupted sleep

hot flushes and night sweats

loss of libido and vaginal dryness

loss of muscle and skin elasticity

decreasing bone density.

The Change is what they used to call the menopause when I was a child. 

I’ve reclaimed this term because I feel like it’s a more accurate reflection of this period of women’s lives. Menopause isn’t a medical condition, it’s not an illness, it’s not an end of anything…

Let me help you reframe your experience of this time in your life from a medicalised condition into a wonderful opportunity for growth and expansion.  

You will begin to sense that, rather than an ending, this ‘change of life’ is a…

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Why Change?

Times of change can be challenging, AND they often offer us the most opportunity for personal transformation and growth. 

Many women in their 40s and 50s find that they start to reconsider the choices and lifestyle they have been following so far. They start to question whether or not this is actually working, if this makes them feel good and what they can do to improve the quality of their life in every area. Menopause is an ideal time to take advantage of this natural process of change.

In The Change 12-week program, you will start to respond to this impulse for change, giving yourself an opportunity to stop, take stock, really value yourself enough to listen to what your body and heart need, and do your absolute best to provide it. Like you would for your child or your best friend.

You will learn how to:

  • heal your body with intuitive movement practices
  • expand your awareness and with powerful, breath experiences
  • create balance in your nervous system with a variety of different energy techniques.
  • craft these strategies into your own personal life practice to support you and nourish you, no matter what you are going through.

What does The Change program include?

In this 12-week program, we will look at some of the key issues facing women during this phase of our lives, and investigate some of the holistic strategies we can use to support us, including:





energy balancing techniques.

There are 6 modules. Each module lasts 2 weeks and includes:

2-hour live virtual retreat: focused around the module theme and including a nourishing movement practice suitable for everyone, strategies to enhance mindfulness and awareness, and simple but powerful breathing techniques that help you to manage your energy. There is also time in each retreat for discussion, personal reflection and group sharing. All sessions will also be available as recordings. 

Access to all the videos and audios of the movement, breathing and meditation practices we learn in the retreats.  Over the course, you will build up a library of strategies you can use to support you in your everyday life; helping you to feel more energetic, enjoy greater freedom of movement and cultivate emotional balance.

Additional resources on the topic: questions for reflection and journaling, reading suggestions, recipes, poems and inspiration. 

1-hour live circle for discussion, feedback, questions, group support and ongoing motivation. All sessions will also be available as recordings. 

The program also includes membership of our small private Facebook group so that members of the group can get to know each other, ask me questions, continue discussions after the sessions, offer feedback, make requests and enjoy all the wonderful benefits of woman-to-woman support. 

The Change 12-week program starts in February 2022.

Course structure

The 6 modules in The Change program are: 

Let’s Start with Self-love 

Where am I, who am I, and what is this thing called menopause? How have others defined this period in a woman’s life, and what does it mean for us? 

Who are we, now our role in life is dramatically changing? Who do we want to be, and how can we support ourselves, and each other? 

How can we learn to lovingly listen to what our body and heart are telling us, and respond to their needs? 

Living in Balance: Weaving a Web of Happy Hormones

We experience the world through our body and the majority of experiences during menopause involve physical sensations, yet these vary widely between women and cultures.  

Menopause is often depicted as a rocky road of unbalanced sex hormones, but it is so much more than this. How can we befriend our body and learn to accept and love what it is showing us during our metamorphosis? 

How can we support our hormonal system to ease and soothe any bumps along this journey?  

Brittle and Fragile or Juicy and Resilient?: A New, Holistic Approach to Healthy Bones

Bone is at its strongest around age 30, and then begins to decline. When women reach menopause, bone mass declines extremely rapidly for the first 5 years, then gradually slows down. 

66% Australians over 50 have osteoporosis or osteopenia. It’s one of my personal missions to create more awareness around this absolutely vital health issue that is so poorly acknowledged in our society. I help women to look after their bone health earlier, so that they have the freedom to do what they want for as long as they possibly can. 

Having healthy bones is about more than just going to the gym. Let me help you understand this new, holistic approach to bone health that gets you feeling juicy and resilient through your 50s, 60s and beyond. 

‘Learning to Live as Love’: Sexuality in the Time of Change

For some, sexuality really begins to flower in this phase of life, with freedom from monthly menstruation and the possibility of pregnancy, less self-consciousness and a greater awareness of one’s body and desires. 

Others begin to fear that this part of their life is over, with annoying physical symptoms and unsatisfying romantic lives. How does love change for us in this period of our lives? How can we nourish our bodies and minds to feel more love and pleasure? 

Widows, Orphans and Grandmothers: Experiencing Death and Re/birth

In nature, the cycle of death and rebirth is continuous and inevitable. As we live longer, death begins to appear in our lives now with more frequency. How do we manage loss and grief? 

During this phase of our life, we are born again ourselves, in many ways. Often, we become grandmothers or surrogate grandmothers. How does this experience change us, and how do we become the grandmothers we wish to be?

Plant-based Eating: Your Key to Health and Longevity?

What we eat, how we eat and how we feel about eating are all important factors in our overall health. 

A balanced, mostly plant-based diet (which doesn’t mean you have to be completely vegetarian or vegan), could be your key to a healthier, longer life. 

Let me help you increase your awareness around food, eating and digestion, and get clear on the right type of diet for you , for maximum focus, clarity, energy and vitality. 

The Change 12-week program starts in February 2022.

What will I get out of The Change?

This program offers:

Time for YOU – an opportunity to reconnect deeply with your body, mind, and soul. 

Gentle movement therapies stemming from yoga, qigong and conscious dance. 

Mindful reflections to encourage awareness and self-love. 

Information on nutrition and lifestyle practices to maintain your health and fitness into the rest of your life. 

Profound breathing practices to help you manage your nervous system.

Connection with similar women around the world: an opportunity to share – in a warm, supportive and confidential environment – about the issues important to us in this phase of our lives. 

As we gently move into areas that are not spoken of often enough, you are offered the opportunity to express your authentic thoughts and feelings so that they can fulfill the purpose for which they were created, which is to show you something about yourself, or your life. 

As the obstacles start to fall away, the priceless value of who you really are becomes evident. Your true self, your divine true nature, begins to emerge, like the beautiful butterfly unfolding its wings. It may feel a little vulnerable. But, in this intimate group, you have the support of other women to help you through this process. 

That’s also something that I’ve realized later in life; you don’t have to do it all by yourself, there are always people who can support you. There is real value to creating a community for yourself of your own choosing, and the wisdom that you glean from other women in this environment is absolutely priceless. 

Numbers are limited to a small group of women, so that we can create a deep sense of community, connection and trust within the group, as that is where the real magic takes place.  

When does the next course start?

The Change starts on 2 February 2022.

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining the next intake.


The Change is an opportunity to pause, take stock, deeply nourish yourself, learn new strategies to manage your physical, mental and emotional health, and find connection and support in a group of like-minded women. 

If you are feeling like this is something you need right now, please don’t hesitate to reach out with more questions, or sign up right now. 

It’s never too late to change things for the better!