Persimmon, Rocket and Pomegranate Salad

Lisa Fabry Nutrition & Yoga Therapy persimmon, pomegranate, rocket and walnut salad

I just started getting a local, organic fruit and vegetable box and, in my first one, there were three persimmons and a pomegranate. How wonderful that I live in a place where these are my locally grown autumn fruit! In England they would be highly exotic fruit, flown in from miles away and hugely expensive. […]

Squidgy Fruit Cake

Lisa Fabry Nutrition & Yoga Therapy fruit cake

This is a beautiful Autumn cake. The marzipan and fruits keep this cake sticky and moist all the way through. Be careful not to overcook this cake or you’ll end up with ‘Dry Fruit Cake’ which isn’t nearly as nice. Ingredients 1 pack (250 g) marzipan 1 ¼ cups (200 g) dried pears, chopped 1 […]