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My main motivation has always been learning, transforming, growing and changing to get more out of life: more fun, more wisdom, deeper experiences, more satisfying relationships. In the past I used to work very hard at self-improvement, believing that the harder I pushed the more successful I would be, and the better person I would become. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. By pushing harder I only succeeded in increasing tension in my body and mind, which had precisely the opposite effect to what I desired. I became tight, anxious, impatient, and very, very tired… 

It was through yoga, dance, and other mind and movement practices that I learned a different approach to transformation. Gradually, I learned that change doesn’t have to be hard work – it can be gentle, sweet and easy! I’ve become fascinated by nutrition, movement and mind training. (If you would like to read the longer story of this, click here.)

I am constantly amazed by how our bodies respond to the fuel we put in them, the way we move and the power of our thoughts. You really can change your life on every single level through simple practices of nourishing yourself with food, movement, mindfulness and self-care practices. I like to think of this as the feminine way, which is deep and nourishing and involves changing, softly, from the inside out. 


Lisa has more than 30 years experience of yoga and plant-based nutrition. She raised a vegetarian and vegan family, home-schooled her two daughters, ran an organic vegan cafe, worked as a vegetarian and vegan chef and is the author of Divine Vegan Desserts.  She is also a long-time yoga student, yoga teacher and yoga therapist. Lisa worked in the UK in film, television and publishing before transitioning to helping others on their path to health and wellbeing through good nutrition, self-awareness and movement therapy.  

I appreciated your style and how you are so realistic and practical, tailoring the plan to what is achievable for me

I appreciated your style and how you are so realistic and practical, tailoring the plan to what is achievable for me in small steps rather than overwhelming me with a huge amount of radical change (which I may need, but the small steps are awesome). Thanks so much!

Rachel Grant

Business Manager | Yoga Meditation and Art Facilitator