How Can Yoga Help With Osteoporosis?

Yoga is an ideal exercise to help you improve your bone health. Yoga includes weight-bearing, balance, resistance training, plus much more. Yoga can improve bone density and bone quality, increase joint mobility and comfort, reduce stress and reduce your risk of falling.

Extraordinarily Simple Dahl

Dahl is a high protein, high fibre, low fat nutritious and tasty meal. Just one serve of this dahl provides 26% of your daily fibre and 17% of your daily iron. This is a super simple dahl for an easy lunch or dinner. You can add any steamed veggies, or have with a side salad. 

Why every woman should care about her bone health

If you have never even thought about osteoporosis, or considered doing anything to improve your bone health, that is totally understandable. Why would you worry about something that may happen far in the future? Osteoporosis is something that affects you when you are old, right? Not really… Osteoporosis literally means ‘brittle bones’ – bones that […]

No time to relax?

Do you find it hard to relax? Our world is stimulating and exciting. So much we have to do, so much we want to do. We push ourselves harder and faster until, at last, we drop, exhausted, slumped on the couch, staring at lists of Netflix programmes or scrolling through Facebook, wondering just what will […]

Meditation for Pain Relief

Lisa Fabry Nutrition & Yoga Therapy woman meditating in park

I have been practising and teaching yoga and meditation for many years and my own experience of living with chronic pain is that meditation can definitely help, however it is not a state that lasts without regular practice. Meditation seems to affect our subjective experience of pain in significant ways. Both inexperienced and experienced meditators […]