Total Good Health

1-1 Mentoring

Learn to listen to your own body and heart and lovingly meet their needs, to maintain your health, energy, fitness, peacefulness and happiness for the rest of your life.

Is this you?

You are a conscious, intelligent person. You exercise, go to your yoga/Tai Chi/meditation class, have a healthy diet, see your doctor/naturopath/massage therapist regularly and keep yourself informed about health and wellness. You are energetic and interested in life, juggling your many responsibilities with aplomb. From the outside, it all looks good, but inside you don’t feel right? 

Something is out of balance?


    You’re putting on weight (in all the wrong places) as you get older?

Your digestion is all over the place?

   You are still struggling with anxiety, stress or bouts of low mood?

You’re exhausted and overwhelmed?

   You have been diagnosed with a medical condition and you’re feeling confused and vulnerable? 

Making Resolutions

Have you ever said anything like this?

 I’m definitely going to do something about my diet – starting on Monday!

 We are all only going to eat organic food, from now on.  

 I’m joining the gym and I’m going to go 3 times a week. 

 I’m giving up gluten/dairy/sugar/smoking/drinking etc…

 I am going to get up half an hour early every morning and meditate.

How often have you started new programs, diet plans or exercise regimes, with the very best of intentions, and then they have fallen away, leaving you grumpy with yourself for your slackness and no nearer your goals than before? 

Things work for me when I set an intention, plan a program that fits in with my life and that I enjoy, and when I am accountable

Accountability could be as simple as typing up a schedule and putting it on the fridge to tick off every day; announcing to a friend or partner what your goals are and asking them to keep you on track; or engaging a professional mentor who inspires and motivates you. 

Could you use some support?

Working with me as your personal health coach, you will receive the support and guidance you need to set intentions that will improve the quality of your life, and bring in strategies that are achievable and enjoyable.

Friends love you, but they rarely kick ass

To help you meet your goals, I will applaud your commitment and celebrate each success along the way, and sometimes I will kick your ass. You know you need to do something different in your life to get different results and sometimes you can’t see your own blind spots. I can, and I will (lovingly) help you to move forward. 

Lisa Fabry Profile

"I felt Lisa really listened to me and tailored her advice to address the symptoms I was experiencing and provided great support with email, charts and plans."

I really appreciate Lisa’s style, she is realistic and practical, tailoring the plan to what is achievable for me in small steps rather than overwhelming me with a huge amount of radical change (which I may need, but the small steps are awesome). I felt Lisa really listened to me and tailored her advice to address the symptoms I was experiencing and provided great support with email, charts and plans. I feel a deep knowing that this is the right way for me to eat and I feel deep gratitude to Lisa for her contribution to my healing journey.

Rachel Grant

Business Manager, Yoga, Meditation and Art Facilitator

Lisa Fabry Nutrition and Yoga Therapy

Join me for 3 months worth of personal coaching so I can share my knowledge and experience to support you in fully integrating
all the different aspects of your life into

Total Good Health.

Supporting you to create
the life you want

In partnership, we will work towards your personal health goals, looking at all the different aspects of your life and fine-tuning them, creating daily rhythms that will help you create an experience of wholeness and fully integrated health. 

Working with me, these are some of the things you could learn: 

   How to eat well: for maximum physical energy, mental clarity and spiritual availability.

How to choose the right kind of exercise for you, at the differing stages of your monthly, seasonal and lifetime cycles.

  How to discover, nurture and build your power through movement and energy practices.

 How to live every day of your life feeling connected and balanced.

   How to nurture and care for yourself and be more open to others. 

 How to gain a personal connection with the divine – however you perceive it.

 How to be more in your body and feel more joy and pleasure. 

   How to release the ‘real you’ and attract people to you who respond to your authentic self. 

How to look and feel younger and sexier, causing people to be attracted to you in ways you never dreamed possible. 

   How to identify and dissolve obstacles to you living your best possible life. 

Allison Thomas Acupressure

"As a result of Lisa’s recommended diet I have lost weight, feel better and eat less!"

In 2019 my GP diagnosed NAFLD (fatty liver). I asked Lisa for coaching to assist with my healing. She gave me lots of information and suggestions for improving my diet, exercise and lifestyle. Lisa was able to answer most of my questions immediately from her personal knowledge and experience. In between consultations she encouraged me to contact her with any questions or concerns I had, which she willingly answered or thoroughly researched for me. Gently she motivated me to do more exercise and, without judgement, encouraged and supported my preferred forms: dancing, yoga and walking. As a result of Lisa’s recommended diet I have lost weight, feel better and eat less! My doctor agreed with Lisa’s recommended diet and exercise program, and from recent blood tests, has advised me that my fatty liver is not a problem any more.

Allison Thomas

Author, Transformational Relationship Coach and Tantra Trainer

Why work with me?

As a yogi who also has a curious, analytical mind, I’ve always had one foot in the scientific camp and one in the realm of energy. I’ve learned over the years that there is a miraculous relationship – part scientific, part magical – between what we eat, how we move and what we mostly think about. 

A long time ago, I sensed there was something special about food and yoga, and, throughout my life, these have been the tools that have helped me to find and dissolve obstacles, allowing me to become more resilient, energetic, calm, balanced, peaceful and in tune with my inner nature.  

 I am just an ordinary person who, by CHOICE, is creating an extraordinary life. Like you. 

 I am motivated by love, gratitude, peace and a desire to spread more of this good stuff in the world. Like you. 

 I have a track record of tuning into my clients with compassion and discernment, and finding strategies that really work for them. Could you use this? 

Lisa Fabry Nutrition and Yoga Therapy

If you are drawn to working with me, it will be because you resonate with my message, you have felt the same way as me, and you are seeking an ally to reassure you of what is meaningful in the world. 

If you are feeling isolated in your journey, if you wonder if people think you are crazy, if you find yourself increasingly unable to carry on with your life the way it is going, welcome home. This could be your time to choose a different way. 

In a 3-month coaching program with me, you will set the foundations for your life that will ultimately become your daily, no-brainer, must-dos to create a life of: 

  • health
  • energy
  • enthusiasm
  • radiance
  • gratitude
  • loving connection
  • supportive
  • community
  • deep fulfilment

= Total Good Health

Lisa Fabry Profile

"Altogether an empowering experience."

Lisa was very knowledgeable yet warm, with a beautiful calm demeanour. She really listened to my pain points, then worked with me to create a plan that addressed these. Lisa also encouraged me to respect my own intuition and wisdom, so in this way made me feel both supported and reminded me of my own supportive mechanisms and capabilities. Altogether an empowering experience.

Tiffany Schultz

Creative Director, Conscious Lifestyles

How do we create
Total Good Health?

I use many different tools and strategies, gathered from years of experience in several different fields. These tend to fall into eight categories, which I call The 8 Pillars of Total Good Health. Like the pillars supporting a great Greek Temple, these practices will help you to stand up tall and strong, displaying your magnificence for all to see. 

Diet – you are what you eat:

Nutritional assessment and advice drawing on the best of Eastern and Western traditions, customising an individual diet for you, guidance on shopping and cooking. Cultivating health. 

Movement/Energy Practices – you live like you move:

Yoga, Breathwork, Qi Gong, dance, strength training, running, walking: creating an individually tailored exercise programme for all the seasons of your life. Cultivating strength, flexibility and energy. 


Sacred music, chanting, mindful listening to the music you love, tuning in to your intuition through music. Cultivating heart.


Poetry, sacred texts, inspirational authors and speakers. Cultivating wisdom. 


Meditation, visualisation, self-enquiry. Cultivating intuition.

Self-development practices:

Complete personal responsibility, open-hearted communication, standing in your power. Cultivating trust.

Connection with nature:

Our primary source of connection with what is real, true and beautiful, guidance on how to access and enjoy this connection every day. Cultivating spirit.


Really this is what underpins everything. Love for self, love for others, love for our world, love for life. If you’re struggling with feeling these forms of love easily and consistently, balancing the other pillars of health will help the energy to flow more freely. Cultivating community and wholeness. 

My qualifications

As well as being an ordinary human, just like you, who has struggled and found ways through, I’ll bring my thousands of hours of yoga experience, 30+ years of creating and enjoying nutritious and delicious food, 4 years of formal nutrition training, as well as my background as a writer, editor, business owner, homeschooling mum, breastfeeding counsellor, and experience of loving communication and heartfelt connection with the Human Awareness Institute. 

To find out more about me and my qualifications, click here.

With personal coaching,
you get so much more

A 3-month personal coaching programme with me includes a lot of face-to-face time, which can either be in person or online. In addition, as my personal client you’ll be taking up space in my mind and heart between our sessions. I will be thinking about you, reflecting on your goals, researching, reading, suggesting ideas and creating strategies to help you meet your goals sooner rather than later. I’ll send you motivational messages, inspiring ideas, recipes, yoga practices, and you can communicate directly with me with any questions, challenges or ideas you have. It’s like having a health expert as your new best friend. Think how far you could go in 3 months with this kind of support!

Lisa Fabry Profile

"Lisa's wealth of knowledge and experience in nutrition and lifestyle has been of great benefit to my overall health."

Lisa’s wealth of knowledge and experience in nutrition and lifestyle has been of great benefit to my overall health. She is a kind and caring practitioner who I can highly recommend.

Lis Wallace

Yoga Teacher

What does the package include?

Lisa Fabry Nutrition and Yoga Therapy

Once we have decided to work together, your 3-month personal coaching package will include:  

 1 x 90-minute initial consultation, where we dive deep into your health picture and identify areas where you can make easy, effective, transformative change. 

 1 x personal nutrition plan, to help clean up your diet, restore comfort to your digestive system and feel more energy and enthusiasm for life. 

 1 x personal yoga therapy practice, which might include movement, breathing, meditation and/or mindset depending on your particular needs.

1 x custom audio meditation, to meet your needs for sleep/relaxation or deepening your meditation practice.

3 x monthly 60-minute nutrition consultations, to keep you on track with your nutrition plan, address questions and move forward as you gain control over your health.

3 x monthly 60-minute yoga therapy sessions to refine your daily personal routine into something you love, look forward to and come to see as an essential element for your wellbeing.

Ongoing support, recipes, tips and strategies to keep you motivated and on track throughout the 3 months.

Unlimited email/DM contact with me during the 3 months, so you feel personally guided along the way. You can ask me advice about food products, recipe ideas, yoga sequences, meditation, breathing practices, and how to handle physical, mental or emotional obstacles that arise during this time of transformation.

Questions? Let’s talk…

If you are feeling that this program might be right for you, go ahead and book a complimentary connect call with me. We will take a look at where you are now, where you want to be and what is getting in the way. It’s vital that we click, and there’s no pressure selling here, just an opportunity for us to find out if I’m the right coach for you. If I feel I can help you, I’ll tell you how, and you can ask me any questions you have. 

Lisa Fabry Profile