Hi I’m Lisa Fabry,

I am a plant-based nutritionist, yoga therapist and author of Divine Vegan Desserts. I help people become healthier and happier with simple, nourishing practices of eating, moving and thinking well. 

Bringing together nutritional medicine with traditional wisdom, I help you create the conditions for optimum physical and mental health, so you can feel more balanced, calm, energetic and vital. 

Whether you are looking for ways to bring more balance into your daily life, manage injury or illness, or create a condition of optimum wellness, good nutrition and the tools of yoga can help you:

  • gain more control over the direction your life is going
  • develop an intuitive approach to your own eating and movement practices
  • create a daily ritual that allows you space and time in the ‘being’ rather than the ‘doing’ state
  • understand the causes of your health issues and gain mastery over them.  

This holistic approach can help with many health conditions, rehabilitate injuries, improve mind-body awareness, increase energy and create a more positive mindset. 


Take That First Step

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