Hi I’m Lisa Fabry,

I am a plant-based nutritionist, yoga therapist and author of Divine Vegan Desserts. I help people become healthier and happier with simple, nourishing practices of eating, moving and thinking well. 

Nutrition can help with many health conditions, such as IBS, food intolerances, immune issues, hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, diabetes, skin problems, anxiety disorders and more. 

Yoga therapy can help with injuries, musculo-skeletal problems, anxiety, stress, trauma and many other health conditions.

I consult privately in Adelaide, and offer online sessions. 

"She knows so much but also really listened to my pain points, then worked with me to create a plan that addressed these as a door opener to greater health and wellbeing."

"Her capacity to respect my beliefs whilst still remaining passionate and open about her own, made it easier for me to embrace this new way of cooking, preparing, thinking and being in the world."

Let's Chat

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